Important Information

  • Global Event Medicine will provide certified trainers and doctors to take care of the athletes within the playing venue, services and supplies provided.

  • GEM will also be there for any spectator emergencies and work directly with the building EMT services at all times to meet your medical needs.   

  • The building First Aid Stations will also be manned at all times.

Medical & Trainer Staff Locations

Locations subject to change for 2021

First Aid Station Locations
Athletic Trainer Locations

In The Event Of An Emergency

The GWCC Public Safety Department can be reached in two ways:

  • Red House Phones: dial extension 4911


  • Dial telephone number: (404) 223-4911

Questions About Our Medical Staff?

  • Go to our partners page and click on their logo to learn more about Global Event Medicine. 

COVID Attendee Safety Protocols

As we near the start of our club seasons, we wanted to provide you all with our attendee safety protocol sheet that our team, along with our medical board, have put in place. Our goal is to change it as little as possible in order to give you the most concrete information -- but our team is dedicated to keeping our procedures up to date in regards to the COVID situation in the ATL area and beyond.


Should anything change, we will make sure to update information here on the website as well as send out newsletters and emails to all directors.


Our goal is to provide the safest environment for your players, you (the attendees) as well as our staff, but that means we need your help in abiding by the guidelines provided! So please take the time to review the information.

Resources for Free COVID Testing


Free testing kits are shipped to your club from GeneIQ and you coordinate test dates, collect samples, enter test orders, and ship samples back to the lab with provided supplies that are pre-paid. This test is an easily self-administered, anterior nasal swab. Results are provided within 24-48 hours in your private portal.



  1. Read Info Packet

  2. Complete Club On-Boarding Application and send to

  3. Set up 30-minute training session with GeneIQ

  4. Schedule group or individual testing times that can suit multiple practice schedules

  5. Order your tests kits

  6. Organize your club to test by teams at each practice or individually as needed




A local medical technician is deployed to your club by GreenMCMeds once a test date and location are determined.  This test is only administered by a certified medical technician and is a nasopharyngeal swab.  They will provide the free test kits, collect samples, enter test orders, and ship samples back to the lab.  Results are provided within 36-72 hours in your private portal.



  1. Read Info Packet

  2. Complete Club Test Site Request Form

  3. Schedule your club-wide test date

  4. Organize your club for a group test

Onsite COVID Testing

Onsite COVID Testing:

BSQ welcomes Chapel Health Medical Group who will be assisting us with on-site rapid COVID testing

  • Onsite testing locations will be located in:

    • Building C, Room C103 (on level 1)

    • Building B, Room B206 (on level 2)

  • Testing will be $35 out of pocket (insurance not accepted)

  • Individuals who test will have to wait for results before entering the courts

  • If your test comes back POSITIVE

    • You will be escorted out of the building

    • Your ticket will be deactivated so you cannot re-enter for the remainder of the weekend

Masks for Athletes - Contingenci Masks

With the new mask mandate for athletes during play, our staff has been working hard to find the best athlete based mask.


We are excited to share with you Contingenci Masks -- made for athletes, by female athletes.


Contingenci Masks has agreed to offer BSQ2021 teams a 25% discount on group orders of the Scorpion Hybrid, Kaitana and Sub-Zero masks and 15% discount on individual orders. Act quickly, because product sells out fast!


Read below for more information and how to purchase your mask today!

What Is Contingenci Masks?

Contingenci Masks is a patent pending High-Performance Sustainable Sports Masks built and tested by apparel tech experts and approved by pro-athletes. Made for High Intensity Athletes (Crossfit and MMA) -- these masks are made to allow athlete to endure long periods of exertion with minimal effect.

BSQ and Contingenci Give Back

Contingenci cares about our planet, especially our oceans; so they have ensured that they manufacture most sustainably to leave the smallest footprint and one-day zero-waste on the environment.


Contingenci is deeply rooted in give-back initiatives, social and environmental impact, and business growth opportunities for women/minority through company funded incubator and internship programs. They believe through the power of entrepreneurship, we can give the power back to the community.

  • BSQ has chosen to support Soccer in the Streets, a local, non-profit minority youth sports organization that creates access to the sport regardless of race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status.

    • Through soccer, they teach children to follow the right path and educate themselves to opportunities that may be available to them.

    • Their work also expands beyond the field with additional classroom work teaching children and teens the importance of education as well as self-sustainability.


For each mask purchased by a BSQ team or individual, a mask will be made and sent to a child at Soccer in the Streets so they can continue their mission to create young leaders who live rich lives and cultivate healthy communities.  

Who Makes Contingenci Masks?

Meet Linda Tang -- the brains (and the brawn) behind Contingenci. Being an avid scuba diver and surfer inspired her to care very deeply about the environment. She spent my formative years heading the renewal product initiatives and sustainable domestic manufacturing teams at The North face. Toppled with Life-changing moments - Paddling out in layers of plastic bottles, face masks, and clothing waste in Indonesia. That was the impetus that got her to start a sustainable micro-manufacturing company (Contingenci by Good Human LLC) in the beginning days of the pandemic to provide the public with masks to help slow & stop the spread of COVID-19.


Linda, along with her squad of ALL women employees was itching to get back to some sort of normal routine during the pandemic. For them, this routine was working out at their CrossFit gym. So they buckled down to make the best athletic mask on the market, one that they and their athletes can speak to. 

Why Contingenci Masks?

Contingenci strives in clean supply chain sourcing and engineering for the highest product quality. To help prevent our products from ending up in landfills and oceans, we're providing full warranties and a "close the loop program" by up-cycling used consumer masks/products into pet beds. We are also deeply rooted in give-back initiatives, minorities, and women's entrepreneurship development.


All prototyping, product development, quality engineering, manufacturing, fulfillment are all done in California. They have more speed to market, quality, innovation, and minimal impact on the environment than the traditional apparel manufacturers who conduct their sourcing, sampling, and production in different regions worldwide with little to no regulation on social, ethical, or environmental compliance.  Fact: 80% of apparel manufacturing laborers are minority women in 3rd world countries without equitable pay or rights.

Contingenci Wants To Hear From YOU!

Linda and her team are constantly trying to better their product for their consumers -- so she has asked for all of your testimonials and feedback on your masks. After the weekend:

  • Contact them through:

    • The portal on their website

    • Their instagram page

  • Or email and we will make sure to forward your thoughts along


Help them continue to grow their product so they can better support athletes like you!


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