Check List

  • TBD: All Rosters must be imported and validated 

  • TBD: Online Team Check-In opens

  • TBD: Online Team Check-In must be completed (no exceptions)

  • TBD: No changes can be made to rosters

  • Each person listed on a team's official roster must have a valid USAV Full Membership. 

    • This does not apply to Foreign Teams.

  • All requirements must be complete in order for your roster to be "validated" in SportWrench before you complete the Online Team Check-in process.  

Staff Requirements

  • A valid background screening and SafeSport certification must be completed for all adult staff members.

  • There is a maximum of 5 staff members per team.

  • All staff must have an assigned "Role"

  • There is a maximum of 3 Primary staff members per team. (see Admission for Coaches below)

  • Head and assistant coaches must have completed IMPACT certification. **Region exceptions do NOT apply.

  • Cell phone numbers are required for each coach

  • An IMPACT certified coach, listed on the roster, must be present on the bench at all times. 

  • Junior players, at least 10 years of age and duly registered with USAV, may be on a roster as a staff member as a Manager.​

Roster Requirements


  • A maximum of 15 athletes are allowed on rosters

  • All athletes listed on the roster must have a birthdate and uniform number listed.

  • Athlete's position is mandatory before a team can complete online team check-in.

Check-In Requirements

  • In order to complete team check-in, the following things below must be completed: 

  • Staff rosters​

  • player rosters

Staff Tickets

  • Coaches assigned as a “Primary” staff member will receive an email with a QR code Ticket for admission

  • This will only happen once the online team check-in is completed

  • Additional coaches, chaperones and managers will need to purchase a regular spectators ticket to enter.

  • If you have a junior age Team Manager that you want to have assigned as Primary staff, please contact us at

  • There is a maximum of 3 Primary staff members per team.

Entry Instructions


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