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Important Information

All matches are scheduled to take place at the Georgia World Congress Center in:

  • All Buildings and Halls for 2025

 The Big South uses a USAV qualifier-approved format for all divisions.

Big South will not provide volleyballs for warmups. We will only provide game balls. Please make sure you bring your own volleyballs to the venue.

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The Schedule for 2025 will be released on Wed. March 25th, 2025

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Wave Assignments

The waves below are from 2024

2025 waves TBD


17 American

16 Open

16 American

15 Open

15 American

14 Open

first whistle at 8:00am

14 American

13 Open 

12 National

12 USA

12 American

11 National


18 Challenge

17 Open


17 Challenge

16 USA

16 Challenge

first whistle at 3:00pm

15 USA

15 Challenge

14 USA

14 Challenge

13 USA

13 American

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Wave Information

  • All teams should be prepared to play in the AM Wave on Friday, March 31st until the FINAL schedule is released on March 25th, 2025 by 6pm EST

  • Start times will depend on how the team finishes the day before.  

  • AM Wave begins at 8:00 am

  • PM Wave begins at 3:00 pm

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  • Big South uses USAV Qualifier approved formats for each division:

  • The 11's Nat'l division will be 2-days with one round of pool play followed by brackets if necessary

    • March 28th - March 29th, 2025

  • Two rounds of pool play followed by brackets for most all divisions.

  • Open Gold divisions have three rounds of pool play possibly followed by brackets depending on size of field.

  • Some teams will have a play-in match or cross-over match after completion of pool play.

  • TIE BREAKING PROCEDURES: Refer to the USAV Championship Manual for details

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Sunday Travel

  • The last match is scheduled to start at 3:00pm. However:

    • We recommend that you do not schedule any departing flights prior to 6:00pm.

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Finals Results

Medalist Photos

College Program Attendance

2024 Results

2024 Results


2021 Results

2021 Results

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