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Important Information

Big South offers multiple hotel booking options to accommodate various club administrative structures.  As a “STAY & PLAY” event, acceptance into the tournament requires that teams maintain a confirmed hotel reservation within our event housing block, as well as register and pay the entry fee.  Minimum room nights apply.

If you believe you are a local club, please contact to confirm. Do not assume you are considered a local team​


  • Teams must register and pay for the event before gaining access to hotel rooms.

  • ALL teams must have a minimum of 15 room nights. (5 rooms for 3 nights or 3 rooms for 5 nights)

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Team Booking Options

Loyalty Program:

  • Each club must apply for a minimum of 5 (Five) teams.

  • Each team must book a minimum of 36 room-nights (12 rooms x 3 nights). 

  • Each team must have a separate contract.

    • You may NOT combine multiple teams to meet the minimum room-night requirement.

  • Each team must agree to utilize 90% of the contracted room-nights.

  • Clubs can apply to the Loyalty program once registered and paid for entry into BSQ

    • In order to be eligible for loyalty, teams must enter and pay before the deadline listed below. If you choose to pay via check, your team(s) will not be marked as paid until the check has been received and deposited. Please plan accordingly as no exceptions will be made.

  • Clubs will receive a payment confirmation email with the link to the Loyalty Application.
    • Loyalty Applications will open Oct 2nd at 10am EST (TBD for 2025)

    • Loyalty Applications will close Oct 3rd at 12pm EST (TBD for 2025)

  • See Loyalty Program Limitations below



Oct.1, 10am EST
  • Team registration for event entry opens

Oct. 1st,
10am EST

Oct.2, 10am EST
  • Registration for Loyalty Program opens

  • Must have entered and paid the event to sign up

Oct. 2nd,
10am EST

Oct.3, 12pm EST
  • Loyalty registration closes

Oct. 3rd,
12pm EST


General Reservation Program:

  • General Hotel Reservations will Thursday November 9th, 2023 at 10am EST (TBD for 2025)

  • Individual and group-based booking options are provided

  • Teams must be registered and paid before a reservation can be made.

  • Each reservation must be associated with a team and as such, any cancellation may effect the acceptance status of that team.

    • Reservations made at multiple hotel properties and under multiple names, can apply towards the program​

  • Each team is required to have 5 rooms (15 room nights) or more associated with their entry at all times.

  • There is a maximum limit of 13 rooms per team.

  • Each team must utilize 90% of the contracted room nights based on the originally booked number of rooms.

  • Cancellations can be processed online.

  • Some hotels in the downtown area may have a 3 night minimum

  • Making a reservation DOES NOT automatically guarantee entry into the tournament. Check SportWrench to confirm acceptance.

Book Now!
Sept.30, 10am EST
  • Team registration for event entry opens

Sept.30th, 10amEST
Nov.9, 10am EST
  • Housing for General Reservations Opens

  • Must be entered and paid in the event in order to access

Nov. 9th, 10am EST
Dec.14, 12pm EST
  • Rooming List Deadline

Dec. 14,
12pm EST
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Loyalty Policies & Limitations


  • Each team must utilize 90% of the contracted room nights based on the originally booked number of rooms.

  • Rooming lists are due by: December 14th, 2023 by 12pm EST (TBD for 2025)

  • Cancellations of Team blocks will not be allowed, penalties apply

  • Rooms may be used by anyone affiliated with the team: players, coaches, parents or friends.

  • If your team is not accepted into the event, your Loyalty reservation will be cancelled with no penalty.

  • Non-Loyalty teams cannot use open rooms on a Loyalty contract in order to comply with the Stay & Play policy for entry acceptance

  • Multiple hotels may be required to accommodate large groups of 7 teams or more depending on your room needs. THS will assist you with the best booking options we have available.


  • Not all applicants may not be able to contract rooms within walking distance based on the consumption of hotel rooms within the defined area and the number of applicants requesting space.  THS will contact you to assist in booking the next best options:

    • You may be able to take advantage of a hotels comp policy at a different hotel.

    • You will still book before all General Reservation applicants.

    • Separating your teams into different hotels may help.

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Hotel List

  • BSQ2025 Hotel List is not up to date

Hotel List
  • BSQ2025 Hotel Map is not up to date

Hotels Map
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  • For all hotel questions regarding your reservations, please contact THS directly at (888) 536-8326.

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Important Information
Team Booking Options
Policies and Limitations
Hotel List
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