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Officials Management Team

  • Big South has an amazing head referee led by a veteran of the industry that will make sure your time in Atlanta is gratifying both professionally and socially.

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Meet The Staff

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Rebecca Johannes


Tony Cothron

Head Official

Bill Stanley.JPG

Bill Stanley

Head Official


Michelle Prater

Head Official

Jung Park.JPG

Jung Park

Head Official

t. stanley.jpg

Tina Stanley

Head Official


Joya Teter

Head Official


Keith Murlless

Head Official

Ryan MacDowell.JPG

Ryan MacDowell

Head Official

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Keith Weller

Head Official


Mark Prater

Head Official

David Dufrene.jpeg

David Dufrene

Head Official


Darin Clark

Head Official


Rafael Negron

Head Official

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Pre-Tournament Meeting

This Meetings Is Mandatory

  • All meetings will be conducted over zoom. Head officials will email out the zoom link and invite closer to meeting dates.

    • (TBD for 2025)

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Match Fee & Payment Information

  • Payment will be done through ArbiterPay.

    • No onsite checks or auto deposits will be made.  

  • All referees are contract labor and are responsible for all state and federal income taxes due on payments received from Tampa Volleyball Events.

Full Match

Nat'l / International Officials:


Jr. National Officials:


Regional Officials:


Provisional Officials:




1st & 2nd Referee,
Full Match
Tie Breaker

All Certification Levels:


1st & 2nd Referee,
Tie Breaker
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The Staff
Pre Tourney Meeting
Fee & Payment
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