Officials Management Team

  • Big South has an amazing head referee led by a veteran of the industry that will make sure your time in Atlanta is gratifying both professionally and socially.


Paul Albright

Head Official


Meet The Staff

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Pre-Tournament Meeting

This Meetings Are Mandatory

  • The pre-tournament meeting April 14th, 2022 (time and location TBD)


Match Fee & Payment Information

  • Checks will be issued at the conclusion of the event, or you can sign up for auto-deposit when registering to officiate.  

  • All referees are contract labor and are responsible for all state and federal income taxes due on payments received from Tampa Volleyball Events.

Full Match

National Officials:


Jr. National Officials:


Regional Officials:


Provisional Officials:


All Other Certification Levels:


1st & 2nd Referee,
Full Match
Tie Breaker

All Certification Levels:


There will be no tie-breaker matches at this year's BSQ2021

1st & 2nd Referee,
Tie Breaker