Officials Management Team

  • Big South has an amazing group of head referees led by two veterans of the industry that will

  • make sure your time in Atlanta is gratifying both professionally and socially.


Paul Albright


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Steve Owen

Associate Director


Meet The Staff

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Pre-Tournament Meeting

This Meetings Are Mandatory

  • The pre-tournament meeting will be held via a Zoom meeting

  • The schedule & time of the meeting will be emailed to all registered officials by our head referee Paul Albright

    • More than one meeting will be scheduled in order to try and accommodate everyone's schedules​


Match Fee & Payment Information

  • Checks will be issued at the conclusion of the event, or you can sign up for auto-deposit when registering to officiate.  

  • All referees are contract labor and are responsible for all state and federal income taxes due on payments received from Tampa Volleyball Events.

Full Match

National Officials:


Jr. National Officials:


Regional Officials:


Provisional Officials:


All Other Certification Levels:


1st & 2nd Referee,
Full Match
Tie Breaker

All Certification Levels:


There will be no tie-breaker matches at this year's BSQ2021

1st & 2nd Referee,
Tie Breaker

Tournament Agreements

COVID Requirements to Officiate:

  • Officials must wear masks at all times while officiating matches

  • All Officials must have a negative PCR test result dated no earlier than Monday, March 29th OR there will be on-site testing available w/immediate results for $35 out of pocket (no insurance billing)

  • Bring your test result with you or submit prior to arrival by emailing it to:


But What if I am Fully Vaccinated?

  • Tests and masks are still required

    • A person who gets vaccinated may be protected from disease (illness), not necessarily infection. Which could mean you can still infect others. 


But What if I have antibodies?

  • Tests and masks are still required

    • Your antibodies may protected from disease (illness), not necessarily infection. Which could mean you can still infect others. 

What if I have Recently had and Recovered from COVID?

  • You still need to have a recent test. If you have tested positive for the virus since Jan 2nd, please bring a copy of your positive test results with you.

  • Should your current test result in a positive read, the Medical Team will review eligibility to participate.