• BSQ2022

Tickets Are LIVE

Tickets for BSQ2022 are now available for purchase!

If you have not familiarized yourself with the below information please do so now as it pertains to ticket purchases and required information for entry into the event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Spectator Ticketing Coupon Codes:

Spectators will not be able to purchase a ticket online without a team coupon code.

  • The coupon code will be the teams unique USAV Team Code. If you do not know your teams USAV Team Code please contact your coach or club director.



Ticket Options & Prices:

  • Daily Pass (Good for one day of entry) - $20

  • Weekend Pass (Good for 3 days of entry) - $48

There will be no onsite sales. No Exceptions


How To Purchase:

Once you have your teams USAV Team Code you will go to:

Ticket will be emailed and/or texted in the form of a QR Code to the individual who purchased the ticket. Please view our Spectator's Admissions page for more information on our entry procedures.


Agreements to Attend:

By attending, spectators and teams have confirmed that they will abide by the event safety guidelines listed on our website HERE as well as on your ticket. Those who refuse to abide by the policies listed above, as well as in the Spectator Code of Conduct will be removed from the building and be subject to having their ticket/entry revoked for the remainder of the weekend.


No Onsite Ticket Purchases:

There will be no onsite ticket purchases available. Spectators can only purchase tickets online at using the USAV Team Code. If you do not know your USAV Team Code, please contact your coach or club director. Tournament Staff will not share USAV Team Codes -- No Exceptions

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