• BSQ2022

Mask Do's and Dont's

With BSQ just around the corner, we wanted to remind you of our mask requirements. Please review the images below for types of face coverings that will and will not be allowed in the building during BSQ2021.

It is our goal to not only provide the safest environment for your players, you (the attendees) as well as our staff, but also to help make sure that your athlete's seasons can continue after Big South. That means we need your help in abiding by the guidelines!

Contigenci Masks -- The Masks for Athletes! With the new mask mandate for athletes during play, our staff has been working hard to find the best athlete based mask.

We are excited to share with you Contingenci Masks --

made for athletes, by female athletes.

Contingenci Masks has agreed to offer BSQ2021 teams a 25% discount on group orders of the Scorpion Hybrid, Kaitana and Sub-Zero masks and 15% discount on individual orders. Act quickly, because product sells out fast!

Click here for more information on who Contingenci is!

Click here to purchase Group Masks

Click here to purchase Individual Masks


The Big South Staff

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