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Live Streaming For BSQ2023

We understand that not everyone will be able to join us at BSQ2023, so we have partnered with Action Clip to provide our participating teams/attendees with access to FREE streaming at the Big South National Qualifier. This easy to use, do-it-yourself software for iOS allows every team to stream without subscription fees being required from the family and friends who want to watch.

Now, a chosen parent per team can stream to friends and family who cannot attend by using the unique 5 digit pin for that team. This pin will give you access to stream directly for your team, as well as record a high definition copy to your device to share later. By March 28, The club director and head coach of each team will be sent information from Action Clip about how to broadcast and stream every game in HD at no cost*.

  • If you are the team “videographer,” please reach out to your head coach for the code to enable your iOS device to stream as well as a link to instructions. Once they have that information, they can share it with you.

  • *If not using the free provided internet, normal carrier usage charges apply. One game uses approximately 1 gigabyte of data.

If you are a family member or friend and wish to view the stream, the head coach will also have a no-charge web link they can share with you. The games with scores will be easy to watch on any modern browser on your computer, tablet, or phone. It is our hope that every team will take advantage of the Action Clip software to broadcast their matches.


  • A livestream of your team will not be available if a parent/spectator associated to that team is not using the Action Clip software.

  • Please contact a member from your team on site to confirm that streaming is being operated by one of your members to get the watch link.


Things To Note

This team-focused method has several benefits:

  • Parents who record tend to make sure everything is operating correctly and that the camera hasn’t been knocked to the ground and that the score is correct.

  • There is no monthly or yearly subscription cost that attendees are locked into.

  • Access to the stream is provided by a link, so it is easy for members who are not attending to watch their athlete in their preferred browser.

  • this link will be provided to the head coach and director of every team at a later date.

  • You can store matches straight to your device in HD.

We will be sending more detailed information out to club directors and head coaches before the event. They will be able to share that information with their spectators. In the meantime, each team should decide who will be the primary contact for streaming.

  • Multiple parents can take turns streaming if they desire.

Best, The Big South Staff

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