• BSQ2022

General Housing Now OPEN!!

BSQ2021 General Housing Reservations are now OPEN! Please review the below information before creating your housing blocks.

Things To Know For General Housing:

  • Opens NOW!!

  • Individual and group-based booking options are provided

  • Teams must be registered and paid before a reservation can be made.

  • Please Note -- If you choose to pay via check, your team will not be marked as "paid" until the check has been received and processed.

  • Payment must also appear on THS's side in order for your teams to be available for housing.

  • Each reservation must be associated with a team and as such, any cancellation may effect the acceptance status of that team.

  • Each team is required to have 12 room nights or more associated with their entry at all times:

  • 4 rooms for 3 nights

  • or

  • 3 rooms for 4 nights

  • Each team must utilize 90% of the contracted room nights based on the originally booked number of rooms.


  • Please review all the information on our Spectators Hotels page as to how you can help, or hurt your teams acceptance status in the event with your housing.

General Housing can only be booked online via the link below. They will not be booking reservations over the phone.


Things To Know To Be Accepted:

  • You must be entered, paid and have completed housing through THS

  • Or be eligible and listed as local -- do not assume you are listed as local, please contact to see if you fit into the local category.

  • Teams are accepted on the time stamp of their last completed requirement

  • We do not hold spots for teams, all three requirements must be complete in order to be accepted.

  • If your division fills before you have completed all three requirements, you will be given the option to move divisions or be placed on the waitlist.

Again, we cannot wait to host you, your teams and your families this April! If you have any questions please review our Teams Hotel information page as well as our Team Registration page. And please, do not hesitate to email

Best, The Big South Staff

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