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BSQ2022 Easter Service

Hello teams and attendees!

We are so grateful that you have chosen to join us over this Easter Weekend. As we have done in past, BSQ2022 will host an Easter Service on Sunday for any and everyone who would like to attend. Below you will find information regarding location, time and who will be performing the service at our event this year.

We look forward to hosting you all very soon and cannot wait to be back in Atlanta!


What Time & Where Will Easter Service Be? Easter Service will be held at 10am EST in meeting room B308/309


Who is Performing BSQ2022's Easter Service & Who Are They?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be conducting our Easter Service this year at Big South. FCA is a community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Easter chapel services for athletes, coaches and families to hear an encouraging message.

Sarah Roberts, who works for the Fellowship of Christian athletes where she serves women in sports, will be leading the service. Her roles within FCA includes University of Oklahoma softball chaplain, NBA/NFL wives chaplain, Atlanta Area Representative, and author of 3 devotion books for the female athlete, coach, and coaches spouse.

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