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BSQ2021 Waves are LIVE!

Updated: Mar 17

The Mizuno Big South National Qualifier 2021 waves have been updated on our website to reflect the waves for this year's event! You can also find them below.

We will have a staggered start time at each wave, 30 minutes apart, in order to reduce the amount of traffic and crowding coming in the door at once. Once the schedule is released, you will be asked to not enter the facility until your window of entry arrives:

8:00am match entry times:

Teams Coaches & Spectators - 7:00am EST

8:30am match entry times:

Teams Coaches & Spectators - 7:30am EST

3:00pm match entry times:

Teams Coaches & Spectators - 2:00pm EST

3:30pm match entry times:

Teams Coaches & Spectators - 2:30pm EST

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Schedule for BSQ2021 will be released the Wednesday before the event.

March 31st 2021 by 6pm EST.

AM Wave: First whistle 8:00am Second whistle 8:30am 18 Open 17 Open 17 American 16 Open 16 American 15 Open 15 American 14 Open 14 American

PM Wave: First whistle 3:00pm Second whistle 3:30pm 18 USA 18 American 18 Challenge 17 USA 17 Challenge 16 USA 16 Challenge 15 USA 15 Challenge 14 USA 14 Challenge 13 Open 13 USA 13 American 12 National 12 American 11 National

Visit our Schedule and Results page for more information.

New Ticketing and Entry Information

Spectator Ticketing:

  • Tickets for 2021 will be available March 29, 2021 at 10am EST

  • Due to capacity restrictions, team's will be limited to a maximum of 26 spectators per team, per day. No exceptions. This includes siblings and other children.

  • Unlike before, parents & spectators will not be able to purchase a ticket online without a team coupon code.

  • The ticket purchase coupon codes for each team will be sent to the club directors who will distribute them to the spectators.


Spectator Entry:

Spectators will have two entry times per wave:

8:00am matches​

  • Entry at 7:30am​

8:30am matches

  • Entry at 8:00am​

3:00pm matches

  • Entry at 2:30pm​

3:30pm matches

  • Entry at 3:00pm​

For more information visit our Spectator Admissions Page

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