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UPDATED BSQ2021 Attendee Safety Protocols

Updated: Mar 31

As we near the start of BSQ2021, we wanted to provide you with an UPDATED version of our attendee protocol sheet that our team, along with our medical board, have put in place. Our goal is to change it as little as possible in order to give you the most concrete information -- but our team is dedicated to keeping our procedures up to date in regards to the COVID situation in the ATL area and beyond.

The updated version of our protocols pertains to athletes and mask requirements:

  • Everyone over the age of 2 is required to bring and wear a mask at all times (staff, exhibitors, sponsors, spectators, coaches, players, ref teams and officials)

  • Players in active play on the court must wear a mask

  • Players and coaches on the bench must wear a mask

  • Anyone who is partially or fully vaccinated must wear a mask

You can find the remainder of our safety protocols in the document below.

BIg South COVID Plan 03:15:21
Download PDF • 99KB

Please review the CDC guidelines regarding youth sports participation and mask wearing:

Consideration for Youth Sports / Masks

Require the consistent and correct use of masks, by making sure that staff, athletes, and spectators are covering their noses and mouths. Playing Sports / What you need to know

Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others. Sports Program FAQ’s / Do you recommend players wear a mask during play?

Yes. Masks covering their mouths and noses should be encouraged as much as possible. While playing high intensity sports, wearing masks may be challenging for players, particularly for younger players and individuals with disabilities and underlying medical conditions. Masks should be worn by coaches, sports staff, officials, parents, and spectators. If a player’s mask gets wet, it should be changed for a clean and dry one as a wet mask be difficult to breathe through. It is important that players bring extra masks in case theirs needs to be changed out. CDC recognizes there are specific instances when wearing a mask may not be feasible. In these instances, consider adaptations and alternatives.

Should anything change, we will make sure to update information here on the website as well as send out newsletters and emails to all directors.

Our goal is to provide the safest environment for your players, you (the attendees) as well as our staff, but that means we need your help in abiding by the guidelines below! So please take the time to review the information below.


The Big South National Qualifier Staff

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