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BSQ Coronavirus Advisory Panel -- UPDATE

UPDATE: April 24, 2020 11:10am EST

At this time, the Big South Qualifier is continuing to accept teams and is planning to proceed as scheduled during June 5-7.  However, as USAV continues to monitor the feasibility of the championship events and we do the same for the Big South, please know that the safety of all of our participants and staff are the absolute top priority.

We are making changes to our refund policies to address your concerns as the USAV sanction ban continues to limit the ability of club’s to practice and meet. We are working with USAV and other Qualifiers to establish new processes, procedures and regulations that will be in place and further enhance the safety of the event. We continue to communicate and work with our hotel partners to revamp reservation policies as we evolve through the changing times and gather information about their COVID-19 preparedness that will be relayed to you as we get closer to the event. Please make sure to read further about our new policies by clicking here.

We realize many of you may have questions about the Georgia World Congress Center and its current status as a 200-bed alternate care facility for mild to moderate COVID-19 patients should additional space be required outside of the city’s normal hospital system. This will occur in one exhibit hall of Building A. Big South is scheduled to take place in Building C, and some halls of Building B if necessary. A full restoration strategy will be deployed before our event is held. The target date for that restoration is May 25th. The GWCC is keeping us fully informed of all activity and restorations plans. You can read more about their effort here

We have heard from many of you and your desire to keep some part of the season alive and we hope to be part of that wish. We will continue to plan towards that goal, but as always, we will continue to stay informed of city, state and federal social distance guidelines and recommendations as we consider the status of the event.  


The Big South Staff

UPDATE: March 18, 2020 11:41am EST

The Mizuno Big South National Qualifier is moving to June 5th-7th, 2020, at the GWCC! In the next couple of days, the tournament will be contacting club directors to confirm attendance and to help assist with new hotel reservations. Please refer to the following information for details:

- Teams who are unable to attend the new dates will receive a full refund for their entry fee

- Teams who are able to attend the new dates will be re-accepted into the event

-THS will be canceling all hotel reservations for the original dates for all teams and attendees

- There will be NO hotel cancelation penalties

Again, this is an ever-changing process with multiple moving parts that need to align in order to make this possible, including the GWCC, the ACVB, THS, our partnering hotels, and the event itself. So, we continue to thank you for patience and dedication to the event.


The Big South Staff

UPDATE: March 16, 2020 1:00pm EST

To our BSQ Teams and Attendees,

We know you are all anxious to hear from us regarding the plan for Big South -- certainly considering the CDC's recommendation of an 8 week nationwide ban on gatherings of 50 or more people. There is much anticipation for those who want time to change travel plans, figure out their schedules and manage family responsibilities. Our Advisory Panel is working diligently to have an announcement to you within a day or two that will hopefully include details of postponement for BSQ, rather than a full cancelation. We completely understand your concerns regarding entry fees, hotel accommodations, and refunds and are working attentively to gather all the information for you in order to properly address these topics. Our goal is to make sure that when we do make our final announcement, you can have all the information necessary to move forward.

As we all know, this is an ever moving target so as we receive information almost on an hourly basis, the plan evolves in order to consider the best and safest strategy for all involved. All of these issues take a bit of time, so we ask your patience during our planning process.

Thank you for understanding,

The Big South Staff

UPDATE: March 12, 2020 10:00am EST

USAV March 11, 2020 10:00pm MT release –

- “Due to recent events and information concerning the current status of the COVID-19 coronavirus, USA Volleyball is recommending that all USAV-sanctioned events scheduled through March 22 be postponed or cancelled to ensure the welfare and safety of our athletes, spectators and staff. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will provide periodic updates as information becomes more apparent. Please refer to this page for the latest updated information on USA Volleyball events.”

In response to the most recent release from USAV (March 11, 10:00 pm MT), The Big South National Qualifier has decided to postpone making any decisions on a date change or cancelation of our event until we have more information. As we consult with our Advisory Panel (listed below), USAV, and all affiliates, we will continue to evaluate the situation as it relates to the nation-wide status. We remain dedicated to the safety of all of our attendees and staff and will continue to provide you with the most updated information as we receive it.

The Big South National Qualifier (BSQ) has established a COVID-19 advisory panel consisting of members from the Atlanta Convention Center and Visitors Bureau (ACVB), The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), Wellstar Medical Group Family Medicine (WMG), Global Event Medicine (GEM) and the directors of the BSQ. This group has been put together to guide responses to the outbreak of the coronavirus and its effects on our event and its attendees.

Dr. Mitzi Rubin, MD., FAAFP (WMG), will lead the group, which will include:

· Mark Vaughan (ACVB) - Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer

· Kristin Delahunt (ACVB) - Vice President Convention Services

· Joe Bocherer (GWCC) - Chief Commercial Officer

· Chris Chadwick (GWCC) - Assistant Director of Client & Guest Services

· Dr. Mitzi Rubin, MD., FAAFP (WMG) – Lead Doctor Global Event Medicine

· Dr. Lori Boyajian-O’Neill, DO, FAQASM (GEM) – Lead Physician

· Maureen McLaughlin (GEM) - Lead ATC certified athletic trainer

· Scott O’Neil (GEM) - President of Global Event Medicine

· Ramon R. Dagostino (BSQ) - Director and CEO of the Big South National Qualifier

· Lauri Dagostino (BSQ) - Director and CEO of the Big South National Qualifier

In addition, a team of liaisons from various organizations will provide their insight and perspective to the advisory panel on topics related to their specified area of concern. These organizations / individuals include:

· USA Volleyball

· USAV Head Officials

· Synergies21

· BSQ Head of Social Media, Public Relations and Marketing

· BSQ Head of Technology

· Molten USA

· Right, LLC

- With recent affairs, we want to assure everyone that we are monitoring the status of COVID-19 as it relates to the safety of all of our attendees at the Big South. We are working jointly with the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) and their Department of Safety, along with our own Medical Team leaders and Head Official to proactively prepare a comprehensive plan of action for the event. Both the GWCC and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) have coordinated efforts with local, state and federal agencies such as the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to continue to have the most updated information that can assist in the development and evolution of our plan. We will continue post links to notable updates we receive as well as our plan of action as it evolves to stay relevant to the current situation.” Lauri Dagostino -- Director and CEO of the Big South National Qualifier

- “Our highest priority is the safety, health, and wellbeing of all who attend our events. The Big South Qualifier (BSQ) Advisory Committee has been consulting with our state public health agencies and the CDC, who are providing guidance as we monitor the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a very fluid situation, with changes occurring daily. The advisory panel is meeting regularly and is gaining valuable insight and expertise from the medical professionals, the CDC, state and local authorities. The BSQ Advisory Committee will make decisions based upon that data. Our first and foremost priority is the safety and wellbeing of our student athletes, attendees, guests and staff. As of today, we are planning on conducting The Big South Qualifier with the addition current CDC hygiene recommendations as well as enhanced recommendations by our medical staff. We continue to evaluate the COVID- 19 situation daily and will make further decisions accordingly. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.” Dr. Mitzi Rubin -- MD., FAAFP (WMG)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the current immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low for the general public but has the potential to rise within the US. However, at this time the threat is more severe for those who are at a high risk. The details for individuals who are considered high risk are below:

- Older adults

- People who have serious chronic medical conditions like:

o Heart disease

o Diabetes

o Lung disease

It is at the discretion of families to choose to attend the event should they, or a family member, be at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

More information on high risk individuals, how to prepare for COVID-19, and what to do if you get sick, can be found on the CDC – COVID-19 page.

Finally, this advisory group will be actively monitoring COVID-19 and releasing updates as they are received. We have also provided links to updates from the GWCC, ACVB, USAV, CDC and WHO. This information will be available to all on our website in the following locations:

- COVID-19 Update

- COVID-19 Update – Trainers & Medical

- GWCC Update

- ACVB Update

- USAV Update

- CDC Update

- CDC Latest Releases

- WHO Update

- WHO Travel Advice

- GDPH Update

Thank you,

The Big South National Qualifier Advisory Panel

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